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Otentic Perfumes

Otentic Perfumes, designed to be you.

Otentic Perfumes takes you on a journey, discovering fragrances that reflect your personality, style or mood.

Anno 1785
Anno 1785, the essential

The heart of Otentic pounds in its source of inspiration, Star of Otentic, mother of all perfumes, Anno 1785 contains ancient and forgotten though precious ingredients.




Ocean - Oxygen

This is where the element of water has its say. For gentle-natured creatures who enjoy life on-the-go. Aguamondo is discrete, and appeasing. Discover the fragrances with an air of ocean and oxygen and a fresh sea breeze.



Woody - smoky

Deep, rich and intense. Pragmatic and natural. Brave and powerful. All of this with a whiff of sandalwood, patchouli, oudh and leather.



Powdery - Elegant

The Elegantia family was made for the refined and image-conscious consumer. Highlife lifestyle, glamour and good taste. Stylishly made powdery perfumes with a touch of neroli, pink pepper, mandarin and saffron.



Floral - Romantic

Fyori is a floral family. It is a soft, delicate range of perfumes for the more sensitive type who enjoys the smell of roses, freesia, jasmine and magnolia.



Earthy - Spicy

Grasslands is a refreshing line of perfumes. Ranging from subdued to earthy with a spicy touch. this family of fragrances is perfect for people who value modesty and moderation. Ingredients include bergamot, oak, moss, peppers and thyme.



Fresh - Citrus

A blend of fresh citrus aromas gives Lemonia a very composed character. This is a range of perfumes for people who enjoy observing the overall picture, cool, calm and collected on the inside. Enjoy the scents of bergamot, grapefruit, petit-grain and lemon.



The purest

One main ingredient, pure in its essence, refined and outspoken: that's Pure. Perfect for people who value fragrances with one specific main ingredient such as lavender, rose, neroli, amber, lily-of-the-valley, white musk, patchouli or sandalwood.



Sweet - Fruity

Open-minded, free spirited and full of enthusiasm: that's Sedux. An unstoppable energy is at the heart of this universe. Sweet and fruity fragrances, such as cassis, peach and orange blossom are at the core of this fruity family. 



Oriental - Amber

Totally seductive and oriental, these are fragrances for colourful, passionate personalities. Larger than life, flamboyant and fiercely into life. If this is you, then welcome to your kingdom of warm scents like vanilla, musk and saffron.

New - Body lotion

Discover our creamy body milk. Available in 9 delicious scents to match with your favourite Otentic fragrances.


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